Why I make

I make things

  1. Because I wish they existed

    For instance, I made read.gift, a site that lets people easily send books to others, so that people would gift me books instead of money. I made skrrt.fun to generate my own Spotify playlists based on musical attributes in the track, eg. tempo, valence, danceability. I made nom.blue because I wanted to maintain a journal through email.

  2. To challenge myself technically

    I made color.4ty2.fun to eliminate the background of an image by measuring euclidean distance between colors. I made jajoo.fun/carlo to demonstrate a very inefficient, but still mind blowing method of calculating the value of Pi.

  3. For the joy of creation

    I made lyrics.rip to see how a Markov chain would generate lyrics based on the style of the top musicians. I made hunt.4ty2.fun because I thought it’d be fun to create a scavenger hunt that anyone could play in their own house.