EEG looped music generation

Status: Building! Please reach out if you want to help with software + music generation.

I think music is a drug. I'm more motivated and can lift more weight when I'm listening to 21 Savage. I'm more creative when I'm listening to Bob Marley.

There are so many focus music and white noise apps — but they have no way to know if they're actually having an effect. I think it's possible to change that. How good could focus music generation get if we had a feedback loop that gave us a quantitative measure of how well the music is doing at its task? What if we could do this for any cognitive state? In this case, music generation would be close to drug generation!

I think it's a good idea to start with focus music. EEGs are very noisy, but even consumer EEGs are very good at telling you how focused you are. A Muse headband costs $200. If we could feasibly generate focus music that puts me in the zone, it'd be a pretty big deal. A lot of places to go with this, could be v cool research + a v useful product.

If you're interested, please reach out. I'd love some help on this :)