LLM powered travel planner

Status: Haven't started building.

It'd be so cool to have a good travel planner. Imagine someone who asks you what kind of place you want to go to, what kind of activities you want to do, who you want to go with, where they're travelling from, everyone's visa status and when you want to go. It then gives you a whole plan with potential trips including flights, hotels and activities. Full stack.

I think it's doable to build this powered by LLMs. It can find the right things to search for, filter results, and actually go through with all the bookings too, for a fraction of the price of an actual travel agent. Take a light comission and this is a hustle business.

If you think that sounds cool and want to work on it with me, please reach out.

sam@jajoo.fun / +17076220503 / @jajoosam