Hi, I'm Samarth 👋

a 15 yo who likes to explore new random things, make projects and keep growing by learning things 🎓


I've been making loads of side projects for the last year, making a solution for anything cool! That includes chrome extensions, web apps, chat bots, automation scripts and even pranks 🙈

I've had around 200,000 users across all my projects, most of the traffic I've had has been through the front pages of Hacker News and Product Hunt. Updates about my projects are posted regularly on WIP 🚧

You can read more about my story on Medium - and sign up for my newsletter to get emails about what I've been doing ✉️

I'd love to talk - hit me up at sam@jajoo.fun or tweet @jajoosam 💬


A huge list of things I've made will be up here soon, meanwhile take a look at this interview transcript for a bit more about me, and some projects.