Old projects

Almost all of these are now down 😢  They were a lot of fun to build though — I’m happy to chat about any of them if you’d like, please reach out.


🎁   Read.gift lets you give the gift of books.

💀   Lyrics.rip generates fake lyrics that make you laugh.

🤷‍♂️   I-am.club lets your twitter friends write your bio.

🎲   Mathe Carlo will teach you about probability, and make it fun.

🤟   Skrrt converts JSON to stellar music recommendations.

🕵️‍♂️   Hunt creates a fun scavenger hunt, right where you are.


🎨   Color Space lets you remove solid backgrounds from images.

🎅   Santafy places a santa hat on your face.

📀   Bouncing DVD is more fun to watch than it seems.

💬   4ty2 Chat is a realtime, ephermal chat.

⏱   Kron lets developers schedule tasks through webhooks.

🦕   Urbansaurus brings Urban Dictionary results to your searches.

🚀   Fastr boosts web-browsing by making transitions seamless.

⏰   Twitter Wayback lets you revisit tweets you liked earlier.


🌊   Rainman is a game which doubles down on dodgeball mechanics.

🥅   Catch seems easy when you begin, but becomes impossible quickly.

🎶   Kinect experiments were fun, built on old Xbox hardware.

📶   Ofline lets you play 128x128 games, even when you're offline.


⚡   Zap adds quick lookup powers to Chrome.

🤖   WikiBot texts you what you want to learn, within WhatsApp.

📰   ICYMI aggregates bite-sized headlines on everything.

📧   Nom sends you a daily email, to ask what's up.


🔖   Read on Mail let you save articles for later, in your inbox.

🎧   Wordless created instrumental versions of your music.

🤳   Khel was an api to your phone.

📝   Wrish was a simple, autosaving notepad.

🔔   Pingr made sure you got alerts when you needed them.

🔃   Syncr created a podcast out of youtube videos.

🐦   Twisti gave your twitter feed superpowers.