Hi, I'm Samarth 👋

a 15 yo who likes to explore new random things, make projects and keep growing by learning things 🎓


I've been making loads of side projects for the last year, making a solution for anything cool! That includes chrome extensions, web apps, chat bots, automation scripts and even pranks 🙈

I've had around 200,000 users across all my projects, most of the traffic I've had has been through the front pages of Hacker News and Product Hunt. Updates about my projects are posted regularly on WIP 🚧

You can read more about my story on Medium - and sign up for my newsletter to get emails about what I've been doing ✉️

I'd love to talk - hit me up at sam@jajoo.fun or tweet @jajoosam 💬


Here are some of my projects 👇

Libert was my first project! I was really into reading ebooks at the time, and found out about libgen - it was amazing to get ebooks, but looked super ugly. I wanted to make it easier to get free ebooks - and that's what Libert does. It started out as a CLI script which searched libgen and downloaded a book from a query, but soon evolved into a well built interface to look up and download books 📖

Polltime is my biggest project, both in terms of time put in, and the users I have. It started out when I was trying to do a poll in a WhatsApp group, and all options were so bloated, and didn't solve their core purpose - to collect opinions. I built polltime over a term of 3 months, continuously testing every new feature, and purging those which weren't too useful. I tried to monetize the service and after failing too many times, launched it and maintained a constant user base of around 10k users a week 👥

Wrish was a project that started out as an autosaving notepad just to test a new database - But people ❤️ the minimal interface, so they made me launch it 🚀 - and it went pretty well, with 10k+ notes made. Wrish was super useful when I built bot.wrish.xyz - WhatsApp and Telgram bots which let you take notes and then make a nice webpage from them 💬

Spoofr was a super fun project which started because I wanted to fake doing work in an environment where people were consistently looking at my screen (Teachers in School!) - it lets you put in an article or wikipedia url, and then your random keyboard smashing is converted to actual information ⌨️

Syncr was built in 24 hours, from a product request from Pieter Levels - he wanted an app which synced his music across all his devices through an RSS feed! I built it and shared all progress in WIP - pretty much every 10 minutes 🔥 - where I got immediate feedback and suggestions. I shipped it the next day, and let it continue for around 5 months, getting >$100 in revenue 🤑

I make side projects all the time, and recently made a side project studio called 4ty2 - where I put things that I made in a few hours, or are still working on! Another reason for making it was that subdomains are free, while domains for my projects cost me like $10 every month 😝