Samarth Jajoo

Sup, I'm Samarth! I love building things.

I was born in Delhi, and grew up all over India. I'm on leave from my undergrad at UC Berkeley, where I study computer science and cognitive science. I love working on robots, biology and trying to understand the brain.

Right now, I am an intern at Prosper, where I'm working on business and writing code to help build a robot butler that can be teleoperated.

Before, I worked at PopVax, where I helped build out antigen design methods using protein structure prediction models, and built software to track and analyse wet lab experiments.

In the past, I've worked on a bunch of software side-projects, including Riff and Skrrt. I write down ideas I'm interested to work on in the future at /project-notes, and am open to being hired to prototype ideas.

During summers (and other free time) in high school, I prototyped developer tools at Replit and Deta, helped make fun software for classes at ZipSchool, contributed to better programming education, created explorable explanations, and built a bunch of side-projects.

I love basketball and juggling! You can see the music I’ve been vibing to recently on my

I'd be super excited to jam — please get in touch! I'm usually active on Twitter, where you can DM me. I'm also happy to get emails on