Samarth Jajoo

Sup I'm Samarth! I love making things and sharing them with people. I want to build things that are fun: that feel like magic, not utilities.

I was born in Delhi, and grew up all over India. Right now, I am an undergrad at UC Berkeley, where I am studying neuroscience and machine learning. I'm also spending some time diving into bio right now! I continue to work with Contrary Capital and am trying to establish a community for hackers

Along with school, I'm building Riff: an attempt to enable question driven learning. You can ask a question and immediately talk to an AI with knowledge, significantly shortening the feedback loop for a lot of learning.

A bunch of notes about more ideas and projects are visible on /project-notes.

During summers (and other free time) in high school, I've worked on devtools at Replit and Deta, helped make fun software for classes at ZipSchool, contributed to better programming education, created explorable explanations, and built a bunch of side-projects.

I love basketball and juggling! You can see the music I’ve been vibing to recently on my

I'd be super excited to jam — please get in touch! I'm usually active on Twitter, where you can DM me. I'm also happy to get emails on, and texts on +17076220503. If you’re in the bay area — we can grab food or go for a walk!