Samarth Jajoo
Samarth Jajoo

Samarth Jajoo

Sup, I'm Samarth! I love building things.

I grew up in India, mostly across Aurangabad and Ahmedabad. Now, I'm doing my undergrad at UC Berkeley, where I study some blend of computer science, cognitive science, and molecular biology.

I have learnt a lot apprenticing with incredible teams. I’ve never worked at a company for longer than 3 months, but the few months I have spent at these places have taught me an incredible amount, and I am super grateful for that opportunity 🥰

Most recently, I was at Prosper, where I wrote code to help make a faster teleoperated robot butler. Before that, I spent time at Popvax to design proteins which elicit specific antibodies and built software to track and analyze wet lab experiments.

During summers (and other free time) in high school, I prototyped developer tools at Replit and Deta, and helped make fun software for classes at ZipSchool.

I've worked on a bunch of side-projects, including Riff and Skrrt (there are a lot more, but they’re mostly dead), contributed to better programming education, and created explorable explanations. I used to spend copious amounts of time building quick hacks and stitching together APIs to make fun demos — I still enjoy doing that occasionally, but now spend most of my time on more ambitious, longer term projects.

I'd love to jam on ideas or just hang — please get in touch! I'm usually active on Twitter, where you can DM me. I'm also happy to get emails on