Hi, this is Samarth.

I'm a serial maker of fun side-projects and web-apps. I also like 📚 + 🏀 + 📺 + 🍕

I like to build products people actually enjoy using. Not just utilities. I've kept this objective since I first started building 5 years ago, and now, more than ever I'm seeing the need for more fun things in the world.

So far, I have

  • Prototyped new tools to lower the barrier to building things at Repl.it, and helped design the ideal side-project stack at  Deta.sh
  • Worked to make learning something kids want to do, by helping build ZipSchool and authoring parts of the Mathigon middle school probability textbook.
  • Strengthened communities like KidSpirit by serving as an editor on the magazine, and Hack Club, by open-sourcing workshops to teach programming.
and, of course, a whole bunch of side projects

If you'd like to get in touch, I'm usually active on Twitter, where you can DM me. I'm also happy to get emails on sam [at] jajoo.fun. If you're looking for me elsewhere on the web, I'm most likely @jajoosam, or undefined.